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General information

 We fully intend to make all of our sessions available on-demand after the conference. However, we will need a week or two to edit and produce the live sessions. Once they are ready, we will email all delegates with instructions on how to watch them.
 Due to the rules and regulations regarding YouTube and live streaming, some delegates in Germany will have difficulty viewing the content as it is streamed live. You can however watch ALL sessions on demand after the event so you will not miss a thing. There are also services that can help you if you wish to arrive at our site from another location. 

Social information

We will be posting several updates to our Conference Facebook page which is accessible here.  The best way to keep up is to "live" our page.
The Conference Hashtag is "#Collab365". If you want to Tweet please use this hashtag as it will appear on the Event Wall.  We would also love to see where you are watching the conference from, so please Tweet your photo's (or selfie's) using #Collab365.

Prizes and Promotions

Certain sessions may have been supported by a sponsor, in these cases they may choose to offer a prize by running a Survey or a quiz.
All prize winners will be notified via email after the conference is complete. In most we will also announce the winners via our platform messaging system.

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